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Alhambra & Granada Visita guiada: Grupo reducido

Visita con total comodidad Granada y La Alhambra, uno de las sitios más valorados, hermosos, e históricos del mundo.

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"Good trip to get the most out of visiting Alhambra. Pretty full on day. 3 hour guided tour provides a detailed insight into the place and history. Very knowledgeable..."
- Mark, United Kingdom, 19 May 2019
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★★★★★4.734 evaluaciones
  • Cuándo: Todos los días.

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  • Duración: 10 horas
  • Lugar de Encuentro: Plaza de Toros Bus Stop (in front of Reding 23)
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Conozca el impresionante monumento de La Alhambra y la preciosa ciudad de Granada sin preocuparse por los tickets de entrada, los cuales son dificiles de encontrar. En este tour, el transporte está incluido desde la Costa del Sol para un grupo reducido de 17 personas máximo.

Aseguramos tickets 100% oficiales para la Alhambra y los Palacios Nazaríes y siempre contamos con los mejores Guías Oficiales del Patrimonio Artístico y Cultural de Andalucía, que le guiarán por el monumento de La Alhambra durante una vista de 3 horas para conocer el Palacio de Carlos V Palace, La Alcazaba, los Palacios Nazaríes y los jadines del Generalife.

Se incluye tambien 1h de Tiempo Libre en Granada (para que pueda almorzar o disfrutar por su cuenta).

El transporte hasta destino se lleva a cabo en vehículos nuevos de alta gama, con capacidad máxima para 17 pasajeros y todo tipo de comodidades a bordo: red Wifi, cargador de móvil, toallitas refrescantes, agua y un conductor profesional bilingüe y muy cordial que hará de su viaje una experiencia perfecta.

¿Qué más se puede pedir? ¡Utilice calzado cómodo, mucha energía y venga a explorar con nosotros uno de los lugares más valorados de Europa!

¿Qué incluye?

  • Transporte en vehículo premium, máximo 17 pasajeros.
  • WiFi, agua, toallitas refrescantes y cargador de teléfono a bordo.
  • Entradas a La Alhambra y Palacios Nazaríes.
  • Guía oficial en La Alhambra (inglés & español).
  • Tiempo libre (1h) para caminar por el centro de Granada.
  • Seguro de viaje.

¿Qué NO se incluye?

  • Otros no descritos.

Más detalles...

  • El autobus empieza recogiendo pasajeros en Estepona y termina su ruta de recogida en Malaga ciudad.
  • Por favor considere que este es un itinerario estimado, ya que el orden de las actividades está sujeto a la hora de entrada de los palacios Nazaríes de la Alhambra.
  • En un día soleado, no olvide llevar ropa cómoda, gafas de sol y protector solar.
  • Se recomienda llevar un snack (sandwich, chocolate, fruta, frutos secos). El tiempo libre para el almuerzo se estima tras la visita a La Alhambra, la cual termina normalmente a las 15.00pm.

Política de Iberian Mobility

  • Puedes mostrar la confirmación impresa o tu teléfono móvil con el número de confirmación en el punto de encuentro. Esta confirmación será enviada a tu correo después del pago.
  • Cancela gratis hasta 16 día(s) antes de la hora de inicio.

Todas las evaluaciones

★★★★★, United Kingdom, 19 May 2019
"Good trip to get the most out of visiting Alhambra. Pretty full on day. 3 hour guided tour provides a detailed insight into the place and history. Very knowledgeable guide and friendly manner. There are only a few comfort breaks on the guided tour as a lot to fit in so have water and a couple of snacks to keep you going. Well worth it if want to see and hear about it, with no hassle and modern and clean transport. "
★★★★, United Kingdom, 2 April 2019
"We enjoyed the trip. Isabelle our guide was friendly and informative. I think the trip was overpriced at 120 euros a person. I would have thought at that price a simple meal would be included."
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 11 March 2019
"Very good driver. Guide was excellent, he was so knowledgeable and friendly,he gave us so much interesting information about the history and life in Alhambra centuries ago. Thank you. "
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 12 February 2019
"Faultless. Immacculate vehicle, which arrived early, well driven by a courteous driver, Stop-off en-route at a cafe. Our wonderful guide, Patricia, waiting for us on arrival was so lovely. You expect a guide to be knowledgeable but she really brought everything to life for us at a perfect pace. Driver waiting to take us to Granada where we had 2 hours to grab a bite to eat, then another perfect drive back to Malaga. Thank you Malaga Trips for a truly memorable day out."
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 11 February 2019
"Marta was an excellent guide, incredibly knowledgeable and great to spend time with "
★★★★★, Argentina, 24 January 2019
"Es un lugar maravilloso y la atencion fue muy buena tanto de la guia como del chofer"
★★★★, Saudi Arabia, 29 December 2018
"Excellent guide tour and well organized "
★★★★★, Canada, 3 December 2018
"Great trip. Was picked up in a small van as there were only 4 people on the trip. The tour inside the Alhambra is a bit rushed, however if it wasn't rushed you would not see everything in one day. Our driver was professional, friendly and a good driver. Very comfortable "
★★★★★, Germany, 2 December 2018
"Well organized. Very friendly and Professional. "
★★★★★, United States, 21 November 2018
"I thought the tour guide was great- very knowledgeable & professional. The problem was they picked up my husband & I in a small sedan with two other adults already in it plus the driver. I’m a tall woman & my husband is very big. We were stuck squished in the backseat (myself in the middle) for 2 hours each way. It was very uncomfortable & I was led to believe we would be picked up in a luxury van. Not ideal!"
★★★★, United States, 29 October 2018
"The Alhambra site is amazing. This tour got me into the site, since I left it too late to buy tickets. It can be helpful to have a tour guide to give some insights, but it can also be annoying to be in a group and have to keep to the guide's and group's schedule. The people I met on the tour were cool, though. The ride in the small bus was comfortable, and we stopped once on the way there and the way back at a rest area for refreshments/bathroom use. (Had to jockey with a couple of full-sized tour busses at one stop.) Convenient not to have to drive. I should have asked what the schedule for the day was. I was not expecting to be dropped off at a plaza in Grenada at 11am and given an hour for lunch. I could have planned my time better if I had known. The bus driver did not speak much English, so it might have been a little difficult anyway. The tour was English/Spanish bilingual, so everything the tour guide said was repeated in a second language. We had individual transmitters and the guide had a mic, so there was no problem hearing. I regret that we did not have enough time to get a proper lunch in Granada, and that we had zero time to spend in the Alhambra gift shop. We had two quick breaks, but they were only like 10-15 minutes, and if there was a line for the bathroom, that could take up all your time. It is a long day of walking, and can be tiring. I advise bringing a water bottle to fill."
★★★★★, Romania, 14 October 2018
★★★★, Belgium, 24 September 2018
★★★★★, Germany, 18 September 2018
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 11 September 2018
"Would recommend this trip from Malaga to Alhambra. All went very smoothly, pick and drop off by mini bus. Our guide, Marta was great, very informative. Really enjoyable. Don't forget to take ID with you."
★★★★★, New Zealand, 9 September 2018
"Mata was was our guide she was a lovely person and excellent guide from start to finish everything went well. "
★★★★★, United States, 4 September 2018
"Overall well organized trip more time to spend in the center of Granda would be nice "
★★★★★, Romania, 29 August 2018
★★★★★, Bahrain, 16 August 2018
"Was a lovely trip.. our guide was knowledgable and sweet.. nice group size, plenty time to see things and then have lunch in center.. we LOVED it "
★★★★, Argentina, 29 May 2018
"Excelente el guía Enrique. Lo que agregaría es un pequeño recorrido x granada con guía ya que solo nos dejaron para comer y no pudimos conocer un mínimo de la ciudad"
★★★★★, United States, 16 May 2018
★★★★★, United States, 13 May 2018
"Our guide Alicia was wonderful and very informative. The Alhambra is a fantastic place. The only thing I wish would be changed is reverse the time for lunch and the tour around Grenada. By the time the tour of Alhambra was completed we were all hungry. "
★★★★★, Spain, 12 May 2018
"Muy buena atencion calidad del transporte y excepcional guia. Vimos mucho enpoco tiempo. Cracias. Muy recomendable "
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 8 May 2018
"Very much enjoyed the trip and our guide Patricia was great. Would have been good to have sight of an itinerary beforehand so we could have planned meals better. The Alhambra was great and would thoroughly recommend Malaga Trips"
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 7 May 2018
"Apart from seeming slightly disorganised at the start (more people than would fit on the bus but another one appeared) this was an excellent day. Our guide to the Alhambra (Enrique) was amazing and knew everything! Our only criticism would be the short amount of "free time" in the city centre - but we were so tired out by then that we couldn't gave done much more anyway! "
★★★★★, Romania, 2 May 2018
"It was great!"
★★★★★, Spain, 28 April 2018
"That was great! We are Spanish and we came from Málaga. Everything was fantastic -organization, the bus and Ana the guide, of course-. My 9 years old' son and me enjoyed it a lot! We recommend it sure. Thanks a lot for this trips! "
★★★★★, United States, 16 April 2018
"Everything went smoothly. Driver and tour guide was very friendly and informative. I loved the toir"
★★★★★, United Arab Emirates, 27 March 2018
"It was great! We, all group members had very great trip today to Granada with your team. Our guide was very very goid and she was explained in very detailed manner with real Andelusian history. The driver was also very gentle and soft spoken person. Thanks for all team. Great wonderful day."
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 12 March 2018
"The trip was very well organized, the local guide was very knowledgeable, would definitely recommend this trip."
★★★★★, Netherlands, 11 March 2018
"Unfortunately not worth €120 per person! The busdriver left too early so we had to drive back and pick up the tourist who was left behind, we left a half an hour later the expected. During the trip to Granada no guide, just when we arrived. Anna is a great guide she told us a lot and really helped out. You have 1 hour free time but we were not dropped off at the centre and by the time we got out some restaurants were open but all the shops were closed. If you have the choice, pick the tour of € 79 p.p where u get 3 hours of free time. "
★★★★★, Denmark, 8 March 2018
"Great trip, and Anna (guide) was very good. She could tell us a lot about Alhambra and the history"
★★★★★, United Kingdom, 7 March 2018
"Our driver today was very professional and informative. He was able to give us good information. The guide at the Alhambra was excellent. So much knowledge and very well informed. We had a fantastic experience. "
★★★★★, Chile, 2 March 2018
"Me encantó la visita. Super bien organizado todo. La agencia de verdad lo máximo, el guia, la visita en general, el bus, gente que te deja en la parada, y estan ahi al regreso. Los felicito, hacen muy bien las,cosas."

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