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Disfrute de una visita completa a Granada y la Alhambra, incluyendo las entradas para Los Palacios Nazaríes!

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"Well organised trip with excellent tour guides (David and Patricia). Perfect time allocations for each part of the day. We chose the option with lunch included..."


Desde 90€ por adulto.

Dónde y Cuándo

Punto de Encuentro: Recogida desde Malaga, Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Marbella, Nerja y otros.

Cuándo: Martes*, Miercoles*, Jueves* & Viernes (*Marzo a Octubre).

Duración: 11 horas (6 hrs en Granada)

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Entrada y tour guiado a La Alhambra incluyendo los siguientes monumentos:


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"Muy buena excursión, hermosa La Alhambra , valió el viaje"

, Argentina, 12 septiembre 2019.

, Argentina, 12 septiembre 2019.

, Romania, 10 agosto 2019.

"La excursión es demasiado larga para lo que se llega a ver. Prácticamente se visita la Alhambra en 2 horas (casi sin tiempo para sacar fotos) y luego te dejan a la hora del almuerzo en un centro comercial a las afueras de Granada, en vez de dejarte en el centro. Desde ahí es difícil conseguir taxis a esa hora (mucho calor) y prácticamente no llegas a ver la ciudad. Hacen 2 paradas de 30 min en los la carretera que resultan innecesarias. Se nota que tienen convenios con las tiendas y te obligan a bajar para que consumas.

Respuesta de Malaga Trips Lamentamos mucho que la excursión no cumpliera con sus expectativas. La ciudad de Granada está a 2h de distancia en carretera y este tiempo no lo podemos reducir. Sobre el tiempo en Granada, el autobus deja en el centro comercial Neptuno, ya que no es posible entrar con autobuses al centro historico de Granada, puesto que está restringido. No obstante, la Catedral se encuentra a 15 minutos a pie y hay una parada de taxis en este punto. Negamos la existencia de cualquier convenio con tiendas. Se hace una parada en el camino para facilitar a los viajeros ir a los aseos, tomar un cafe rápido y estirar las piernas en base a lo solicitado por la mayoría de los usuarios.

, Peru, 20 julio 2019.

"Well organised trip with excellent tour guides (David and Patricia). Perfect time allocations for each part of the day. We chose the option with lunch included and it was good value for money in a lovely restaurant. However, not an advisable trip for those with mobility problems. "

, United Kingdom, 6 julio 2019.

"Alhambra was great but trip to Granada Center was horibly organized"

, Croatia (local Name: Hrvatska), 29 junio 2019.

"Der Ausflug nach Granada und insbesondere die Informationen in der Alhambra waren exquisit! Gerne möchte ich ein extra Lob und Dankeschön an die Führerin der Besichtigungstour Alhambra etc., den Namen weiß ich leider nicht mehr, aussprechen: Sehr selten habe ich eine so kompetente wie spannende Führung - dazu mehr oder weniger simultan in 2 Sprachen - erlebt. Ihre Begeisterung an die Besucher weiterzugeben war wunderbar spürbar! Bitte übermitteln Sie Ihr meine Wertschätzung!"

, Germany, 17 junio 2019.

"NOT a good tour! To start things off, the tour guide on the bus riding to our destination scolded us for talking to their seat mates while she was talking. She talked non stop, does this mean for an entire hour 1/2 we aren't allowed to speak to our friends that we're going on our tour with? Ridiculous. Secondly, we didn't even get to the ultimate destination (Alhambra) for SEVEN HOURS!!!! We first stopped in Granada, we got off the bus and proceeded to walk 20 minutes (20 or so blocks) to the City Municipal building, where the tour guide said she "had to get maps". We waited outside this building for another 20 minutes for her to get maps of the city. Are you kidding me? After waiting 20 minutes or so, my friend and I just asked some local people where the Cathedral was and went on our way (as did most everyone else) - the tour guide was absolutely NO HELP at all. And DO NOT purchase the "included lunch" We did purchase this and asked about it. The tour guide said "i don't know where we are eating, meet me back here at 12:00 and I'll tell you then" After waiting around for her to get the maps, that would have only left us with 1/2 hour to go see whatever we were going to see before we had to go back to meet her for lunch at WHERE EVER, because she refused to tell us, or didn't know. THEN!!! we get back to the bus to go to Alhambra.. finally after 7 hours and we're tired! Okay, we get there and are hearded (again) like cattle to an area where they separated us by who spoke what language. Waited there for 20 minutes, then were hearded to another area to go to the bathroom... then, we hearded to the line to present our tickets (45 MINUTES LATER! ridiculous!) Then, for whatever reason, as we were all waiting in line in the hot sun, one of the first people in line had trouble with his ticket. They had us STAND IN THIS LINE FOR 30 MINUTES waiting for them to try to figure out what was going on and how to resolve it. FINALLY, after waiting in the scalding hot sun for 30 minutes, (after several of the elderly people went and sat down in the shade), the decided to let the rest of us standing in line go through to wait. So, we all went through the ticket gate only to wait another 20 minutes for the tour guide. It was unreal. And THEN, she actually had the gall to say "hurry up, we've wasted enough time" to US!! the group of people sitting there waiting for HER!!! I have travelled all over the world and I seriously have NEVER experienced anything so completely disorganized and frustrating and terrible. not only that, but we arrived back at our bus stop 12 hours later! So, we got on the bus at 8:00 am, and arrived back at our bus stop/pickup/drop off place at 8 PM!!! Not good, total waste of money."

Answer from Malaga Trips We are very sorry the trip didn't meet your expectations. Sometimes there are unexpected problems which not depend directly from the operator offering this trip. The companion guide solved the problem at Alhambra entrance in only 30 minutes thanks to its experience. Granada is 2 hours driving distance far away from Malaga city and more time in case the pick up is from Costa del Sol. These are fixed times which is impossible to reduce. This trip is guaranteed every Wednesday and Friday of the year for a large 55 group to the most visited monument in Spain. For a more personalized experience, we offer private and smaller group tours for a higher price.

, United States, 31 mayo 2019.

"Had a wonderful day. Comfortable bus, great driver and and our guide Elizabeth was outstanding and very helpful."

, Canada, 23 mayo 2019.

"It was great! On time, very professional. I will sure recommend to my friends"

, Brazil, 2 mayo 2019.

"It was a very nice trip, everything was perfect. Alhambra is a great monument. I can recommend."

, Czech Republic, 20 abril 2019.

"Well organized trip from beginning to end. Part of the tour as described did not happen, as follows: "You will experience a sightseeing tour in Granada by bus in order to see the most interesting sites, including a stop at San Cristobal Viewpoint in the famous Quarter of Albayzin. From this point you will admire the best views of the city and of the Alhambra with Sierra Nevada in the background." We simply went to Granada and the guide walked us up a road into the old part of Granada where we had about 3 hours to wander around and eat lunch. Otherwise the Alhambra portion was great, our guide there was very knowledgeable."

Answer from Malaga Trips: "Due to the International Women's Day celebrated on March 8, there was a women strike on the streets of Granada which didn't allow to the bus to circulate to the San Cristobal Viewpoint as usually. This was explained by the tour guide to all travellers during the tour.

, Canada, 9 marzo 2019.

"Pasamos un buen día en Granada. Durante el tiempo libre en la ciudad nos dió tiempo a visitar por nuestra cuenta el Parque de las Ciencias. La guía en Alhambra era muy agradable y muy profesional. Excursión muy recomendable!! "

, Spain, 11 febrero 2019.

"I can recommand this company, trips are very well organised"

, Belgium, 3 noviembre 2018.

"The Malaga Trip too Granada (10/09/18) was nice and perfect.We really enjoyed that day from all the best of Granada. "

, Belgium, 18 septiembre 2018.

"Very good guide and driver! "

, South Africa, 15 septiembre 2018.

, Italy, 15 septiembre 2018.

"Thanks for a very well organized trip. Rosio helped us made an extra effort organize a separate pickup for our group. Recommend Malaga Trips!"

, Sweden, 12 septiembre 2018.

"Ottima escursione, vale tutti i soldi spesi. La guida nell'alhambra parlava un ottimo italiano. Purtroppo però la guida sul bus parlava 4 lingue tra le quali non c'era l'italiano e dato l'accento faticavo a capirla... "

, Italy, 18 agosto 2018.

"Very good experience, thanks"

, Colombia, 12 agosto 2018.

"All the trip was very well organised and both the guides were amazing. Especially Josie, who entertained us all the way. Many thanks and I recommend to book trips anytime on this site."

, Romania, 11 agosto 2018.

, United Kingdom, 28 julio 2018.

"Trip was enjoyable and worthwhile. Would be improved if other members of the tour were asked not to attempt to have a double seat to themselves and to sit beside their family or friends, especially if the bus is full. Realise this is not the tour providers fault but did detract from our enjoyment."

, United Kingdom, 28 julio 2018.

"A very interesting tour, specially Alhambra with it's history and beautiful garden. I recommend this trip. Maybe it should be a guided tour in Granada as well."

, Sweden, 28 mayo 2018.

, Austria, 25 abril 2018.

"the tour itself was very good along with the guide. The included lunch was very bad, I would not pay a Euro for it. Also I needed to contact trip.organizer during trip but the phone number on the confirmation letter was not from the organizer,.they were not able to help me and told me to contact my organizer. i think this is not ok."

Answer from Malaga Trips: "We will communicate your disappointment about this lunch. The phone number provided is, indeed, of the company of the service booked. Unfortunately, we did not receive any communication from you, even after we spoke by phone 3 days before your tour.

, Germany, 30 marzo 2018.

"Good trip organisation, on time, very kind Elizabeth fluent in 4 languages guiding us throughout the day. Long drive from Málaga to Grenada 2:30hrs, useless stop to a view point of the Alhambra from the arabic district (too long of a ride in the busy streets for a quick photo). I would have prefered more time to roam around inside the fortress since the two and a half guided tour leaves no freetime inside the Alhambra, which is sad..."

, Canada, 11 marzo 2018.

"C'était magnifique. Nous avons beaucoup apprécié notre excursion. La guide Michelle était excellente. La meilleure que nous ayons eue. Merci! "

, Canada, 26 febrero 2018.

"Very well organized smooth running operation with professional and punctual guides and drivers. All positive!"

, Canada, 16 febrero 2018.

"This was amazing! Well organised and efficient, lovely guide, we felt well taken care off and so impressed with the meal organised - half bottle wine each, three courses- 18 Euro each- high quality "

, United Kingdom, 6 enero 2018.

"We enjoyed very much our Trip but we dont expected to Drive too Long. The Guide is very Professional and Passion enough with our questions. "

, Switzerland, 25 noviembre 2017.

"Granada is marvellous. Alhambra as well as the old city centre. The trip was well organized. The staff very competent. All went smoothly and also the meal was good."

, Germany, 30 septiembre 2017.

"The coach was on time and the guide excellent.Although we were notified the evening before that we would not be able to visit The Nasrid Palaces as part of the Alhambra visit we were very disappointed. We were reimbursed a little for that. The generalife gardens at the Alhambra were still beautiful. The guide there was also excellent. A Well organised day and I would recommend them! "

, United Kingdom, 20 septiembre 2017.

"It was very good, informative, lots of walking, we enjoyed it."

, Canada, 23 junio 2017.

"Well organised and great reps."

, United Kingdom, 21 junio 2017.

"I'm very disappointed and I feel cheated! I reserved a trip to me and my wife to see Alhambra. This famous Arabic castle and what did we get! One and a half an hour's walk in some garden! We didn't see even a glimpse of this main attraction! But we paid for this "Alhambra tour" 150 euros. The guides also gave misleading ideas to the passengers by speaking all the time about "visiting Alhambra" but we didn't see one brick of it. I demand to have 2/3of our money back and I assure you that we won't need Malaga Trips services ever again.

Comments from Malaga Trips: On this day, an unexpected inconvenience with Alahmbra tickets forced to switched Nasrid Palace for Royal Chapel at city center.

, Finland, 21 junio 2017.

"very well organized trip, good guides, enjoyed the whole trip."

, India, 15 junio 2017.

"It was on time and interesting "

, Canada, 9 junio 2017.

"We had a fantastic day to Granada and the Alhambra would 100% recommend! The tour guide on the bus was fantastic and very accommodating. The tour guide at the palace and Alhambra was very enthusiastic however one suggestion for improvement felt English was an after thought. Granted there were 40-50 Germans and 2 English speaking people on the tour but it always felt like a rush. This is only a small comment as we had a great day. Wish we had longer to expore the tapas in Granada will be back :-) "

, United Kingdom, 7 junio 2017.

"Should utilize commentary system much like the "hop on, hop off" city tour bus. Technology translates, no need to repeat in 2 or 3 languages same info.... Microphone / earpiece system scratchy at best.... Sights were amazing, website & purchase & reminder follow up - EXCELLENT"

, United States, 25 mayo 2017.

"Amazing trip with excellent guide! We in love with Granada , so much to see"

, Latvia, 17 mayo 2017.

, Finland, 26 abril 2017.

"The coach was very comfortable and the guide Michelle was great. However the AlHambra guide was poor and the journey around the palace was rushed."

, United Kingdom, 15 abril 2017.

"To me unknown but perfectly reliable"

, Sweden, 13 abril 2017.

, United States, 12 abril 2017.

"Its not fair in using languages equally.I quit using earphones as I fed up hearing german,french,spanish so on."

, United States, 10 abril 2017.

, Canada, 9 marzo 2017.

"Great service from Malaga Trips. All travel arrangements were perfect and we had an excellent guide. "

, United Kingdom, 6 marzo 2017.

"Guide in Alhambra very disappointing. She was permanently looking on her private phone, did not make any contact with visitors. "

, Netherlands, 5 marzo 2017.

"Well organized trip. The Alhambra tour was excellent."

, United Kingdom, 4 marzo 2017.

"Gréât organisation with a polyglotte guide"

, Canada, 26 febrero 2017.

"It was an informative trip, the guide was knowledgeable. The buses were very well organised and on time. One minor criticism would be that I, plus others on the bus would have preferred not to stop for a break on the return journey. "

, Ireland, 24 febrero 2017.

"very good with pickup and change, very godd guide borh in the bus and at Alhambra. The weather sucked - the rain poored down all day - but the guides did really their best."

, Sweden, 30 enero 2017.

"We had an amazing time. Everything was very well organized. Our guide was great. After we visited the Alhambra we also had enough time to wander around Granada. "

, Romania, 8 enero 2017.

"Our local guide Christina at Alhambra was fantastic thank you. And Much gratitude to Malaga Trips who helped me hook up with my group in Granada after deciding to head to the city a day early."

, Canada, 28 diciembre 2016.

"Very well organized. Leaves also spare time to participants for own interests."

, Luxembourg, 16 diciembre 2016.

"Instructions for the trip beforehand perfect, timetable of the trip perfect - guide´s English very good but routinehurried, he did want everything to go on well, which it did, still - well, he did his job - but without giving - for at least those speaking English - a real welcome to be on this trip. In and out was kind of the mode. "

, Finland, 10 diciembre 2016.

"A really worthwhile trip & both our guides,Michelle & Patricia did a first rate job of being both informative & interesting."

, United Kingdom, 16 noviembre 2016.

"Engaged guides. Very small space for the legs in the bus."

, Sweden, 8 noviembre 2016.

"I would appreciate it with more time at Alhambra and to stay a little longer in Granada. The start in the morning should be directly from Malaga (pick up only in Malage) so there would be more time. Thanks"

, Switzerland, 30 octubre 2016.

, Sweden, 28 octubre 2016.

, Norway, 28 octubre 2016.

"It was a great trip and Michel, our guide, did her job very well. Unfortunately, it rained all day !! It may be a good reason to visit Alhambra once again. One critical remark: we were picked up in Malaga and after a short ride we had to wait half an hour(!) in the bus because some people had to transfer into another bus"

, Netherlands, 17 octubre 2016.

"excellent money worth lots of fun and knowledge good guide very help full thanks for all "

, United Kingdom, 16 octubre 2016.

"We had a great day trip to Alhambra. Both guides Michele for bus trip with Granada excursion and Susana for Alhambra were very knowledgeable and made our trip and visit very interesting. --- P.S. On question two, do you want a grading of Malaga trips or your web site? I see the web site has responsive web design which is good, but I have not studied it enough to make a grading. So the "No, not really" tick is just to be able to send this feedback."

, Sweden, 14 octubre 2016.

, Germany, 10 octubre 2016.

"Pickup place was not correct on google maps After my e-mail i received a link with the correct place"

, Netherlands, 23 septiembre 2016.

"The visit to Alhambra was Perfect ! Patrizia the guide was in top ! But the visit to Granada too short ! It Will be better to stay ? more Long Time in Granada city the Morning "

, France, 9 septiembre 2016.

"Sorry but in must reduce 1 Star for the bus (technical desaster) and 1 star for the bad Organisation of the Tickets and groops at the entrance of alhambra that costs at least half an hour "

, Germany, 8 septiembre 2016.

"Thoroughly enjoyed our day trip. Bus tour guide very helpful & knowledgable. Alhambra magnificent but not good reception at times with headsets and also some difficulty understanding guide's English! Also 2.1/2 hours on our feet with no break was exhausting in the afternoon slot as the heat was intense. All that aside we thoroughly enjoyed the trip & would recommend your company. "

, United Kingdom, 7 septiembre 2016.


, Saudi Arabia, 6 septiembre 2016.

"Had a great day trip to Granada and the Alhambra, booked through Professional service & email communication. Awesome experience. Recommended. "

, Netherlands, 27 agosto 2016.