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A cookie is a file in your device that keeps track of what you navigate on any website.

Cookies used by Malaga Trips

Our website uses those cookies to make your navigation easier: your cookie saves certain events and information during a session to avoid making you choose or write again what you already did (language, service, dates, and others).

We don't register any personal or sensible information neither we create or share profiles with your data or your browsing history.

Third parties cookies

We want to offer simple and friendly navigation. That's why we use third party tools and they use those cookies as well. Each of these companies is responsible for their own use of these cookies:


For the reasons above, the use of cookies is necessary to browse our website. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, just leave our website.

Is it possible to delete these cookies?

Yes, you can delete these cookies.

Our site uses cookies to process every booking. If you are going to make a reservation, don't delete the cookies until you already left our website.

Deleting the cookies will depend on each browser and its version. In order to do this, follow the instructions of the developer of your browser.