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Gibraltar Small Group Tour

4.0 (2 ratings)

"I thought we would have had time to walk and shop in Gibraltar, all advertising seemed to indicate there would be time. Our time in Gibraltar was limited to time on the bus only. Some might say false advertising?!? But apart from that the tour was good. "

Answer from Malaga Trips: "Thank you for sharing your opinion. We are sorry you undertood there was Free Time in Gibraltar, but we never advertised it on this tour. This tour includes Marbella and Puerto Banus, and it is the only one which includes Great Siege Tunnels as well so there is no time enough in one day to have Free Time in Gibraltar during this tour."

Dianne, Australia, 28 September 2019.

"This was a very good trip and we enjoyed it very much. However, there were a few problems—we left very early and were given no time to eat lunch until almost 15:30. We had four teenagers and both they and we were all starving. We were given exactly 20 minutes to find and eat lunch in Puerto Banus, and in Marbella we only had 30 minutes. Just long enough to eat an ice cream. We noticed that we were done with the tour at least an hour earlier than we were promised."