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The Great Desert Tour from Malaga 9 days

4.8 (4 ratings)

"Hola Rocio cómo estás? Antes que nada te agradezco porque fuiste una ayuda muy grande para nosotras, al elegirlos para hacer este viaje. No tengo nada que objetar ya que todo lo programado fue cumplido al pie de la letra!"

Mabel, Argentina, 2 December 2019.

"My trip was amazing and I thank you for all the hard work and attention to detail putting together a trip such as this. As far as the upgrade, I feel I would have been just as happy with the standard hotels. Many days we arrived so late to the hotel that I barely had the energy to eat before I went to bed, so I didn\'t get to enjoy the amenities that came along with the upgrade. If arrival to the hotel was around 5 that would be different. But one of our group stayed in the 4 star hotels and was very pleased. "

Elizabeth, United States, 14 November 2019.

Paolo, Dominican Republic, 6 June 2019.

"It was great! Hermosa experiencia. Recomendable. Todo perfecto. Muy agradecida. "